Master Private Detectives share with you in elaborate detail  step-by-step procedures in this complete private investigator training course and show you exactly . . . "How to Become a Private Investigator and How to Conduct Any Investigation!"
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Security Management Magazine 
Security Management Magazine

"This well-researched and thought-out  Private Investigator Training Course helps  Investigators move easily toward their goals. Beyond setting out the nuts and bolts of private investigation, the Course is loaded with insider tips, strategies, and resources." ~ Security Management Magazine    Read the complete Review

National Association of Investigative Specialists

"'Secrets of Top Private Eyes,' is truly one of the top investigative training programs to be  developed to date." - Ralph Thomas, President, National Association of Investigative Specialists
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Private Investigator

"I wish I had found your Private Investigator Training Course prior to all the leg work I had to do to get the ball rolling on a career as an investigator."

Sue Moore,
Private Investigator
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Have you ever thought about becoming a Private Investigator? - Start Here >>>

Do you love adventure? Are you interested in a highly-respected, well-paying profession that rewards both initiative and skill?  Would you like to be able to locate "skips" and lawbreakers, find missing persons or reunite adoptee and birthparents?

Perhaps you would like to catch cheating spouses and conduct surveillances, employing the latest high tech equipment. Have you dreamed of owning a home-based business or your own private investigation firm? This is the place to start.
The Investigative Industry is Big . . . and Getting Bigger

If you've ever considered a career as a Professional Investigator, the time is right to break into this exciting industry!

Many opportunities are opening up every day, perpetuated by an unquenchable thirst for information. The US Department of Labor estimates the demand for Private Investigators will grow 22% over the next decade - much faster than the average for all occupations. Department of Labor

Each year new high-tech clients vie for the services of experienced investigators who understand the diverse technologies and have acquired the up-to-the-minute skills required to meet those exacting demands. See Q & A - Advice from the Pros

The "Secrets of Top Private Eyes" Course

The course is composed of eight modules and was designed to include the most common types of investigations requested by clients. Our goal is to give you a broad knowledge base of investigative techniques and procedures used on a day-to-day basis by the pros.

Although there are numerous specialties a  Private Investigator may choose to pursue, many of the same techniques the course teaches are used in every investigation. You will learn step-by-step procedures and techniques used by top Investigators in their specific fields of expertise to conduct these investigations.
"SECRETS OF TOP PRIVATE EYES" Course has be employed as a teaching tool by dozens of Private Investigation firms across the United States

Hundreds of Professional Investigators got their start with "SECRETS OF TOP PRIVATE EYES" and YOU can too!

The Course has become an integral part of the indoctrination and orientation for newcomers into many Private Investigative firms. Before a new hire is allowed to do surveillance, or serve legal papers, or accomplish any investigative duties, he or she must demonstrate they know the basics and procedures and understand the laws and the rules of the game. The academic world, too, has incorporated the SECRETS OF TOP PRIVATE EYES Course into the curriculum of criminal justice classes at many community collages and a variety of other institutions of higher learning.

8 Modules - Subjects Included in the Course

In this Eight Module online training course, you will gain the knowledge and learn the techniques used by real-world Private Investigators to conduct investigations: what has worked for the top Private Investigators to solve cases.
  • Module 1 -  Private Investigator's Career
  • Module 2 -  Private Investigator's Techniques
  • Module 3 -  Domestic Investigations
  • Module 4 -  Locate People and Skiptracing
  • Module 5  - Adoption Reunions
  • Module 6  - Background Checks
  • Module 7 -  Records Resource
  • Module 8 -  General Resources
See Module Details

Each Module Includes:
  • Hours of video downloads, in which the experts share their knowledge and interesting experiences that make learning about the Investigative industry more fun.
  • Thousands of links to relevant resources to help you conduct investigations.
  • Checklists
  • Investigative forms
  • Direct quotes & valuable insight from the Top Private Investigators
  • Questions to ask when conducting an interview
  • Lists of People to interview
  • Directory of addresses & phone numbers, plus links to all state records  and federal agencies
  • Lists for obtaining the needed documentary evidence and much more . . .
The "Secrets of Top Private Eyes" Instructors

In this home study training course, you will gain the knowledge and learn the techniques used by real-world Private  Investigators to conduct investigations; what has worked for the top Private  Investigators to solve cases. Twelve of the nation's Top Private  Investigators - the best in their particular fields, whose combined experience and insight totals more than 150 years, freely share their expertise and advice, along with great stories of their most challenging and interesting cases. Just think about what you can learn from 150 years worth of day-to-day private investigative experience!

Sincere thanks go to a most outstanding group of professional Private  Investigators and search experts for sharing their time, their experiences, and their secrets. These successful individuals have reached the top of their profession as experts in finding people, tracing assets, conducting business and personal background checks, and assisting with relationship matters. Meet the Instructors.

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