Master Private Detectives share with you in elaborate detail  step-by-step procedures in this complete private investigator training course and show you exactly . . . "How to Become a Private Investigator and How to Conduct Any Investigation!"
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Security Management Magazine

"This well-researched and thought-out  Private Investigator Training Course helps  Investigators move easily toward their goals. Beyond setting out the nuts and bolts of private investigation, the Course is loaded with insider tips, strategies, and resources." ~ Security Management Magazine    Read the complete Review



You will benefit from this most outstanding group of Professional Investigators and Search Experts in the business. They willing shared their time, their experiences, and their secrets. Together, these successful individuals have earned more than 150 years of investigative experience finding people, tracing assets, conducting business and personal background checks, and assisting with relationship matters.
Mike Newman, PI   Mike Newman, PI, owns and operates "ISU Services, Inc." The former NYC Police Department officer has participated in important undercover operations with several metropolitan police departments, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the United States Secret Service.  He satisfies the investigative and undercover requirements of a growing number of law firms and insurance companies. His clientele includes such prominent corporations as Aetna, Allstate, and State Farm.  Mike Newman is the Executive Producer of "Secrets of Top Private Eyes."

Nick Beltrante, PI   Nick Beltrante, PI, Director of "Beltrante Investigations," is a legend in the professional investigative industry. Time magazine named the former Washington, D.C. police officer, "The Dean of Washington PI's." The Washington Times featured him in an article entitled, "The New Private Eye."  As the former Director of the National Association of Legal Investigators (NALI), Nick Beltrante enjoys a reputation as one of the world's most respected PI's.
He is often called upon to speak to the members of national professional and civic organizations, and to represent the investigative industry to the nation's news media. Nick Beltrante is a leading expert regarding federal record sources, and herein provides a very unique insight into the Fed's record-keeping systems. Read More>

Pat Beltrante, PI   Pat Beltrante PI, Nick's wife and partner, is Executive Director of "Beltrante and Associates," the largest and oldest professional private investigative firm in the national capital area. Pat Beltrante is highly regarded for her ability to locate hidden assets. She furnishes Secrets of Top PI's candid and in depth information for the Child Custody, Pre-relationship, Background, and Locates sections. Pat Beltrante speaks Spanish, Italian, and Hebrew, and is an internationally recognized expert in the reconstruction of shredded evidence, a rare art, indeed. Read More>

Linnea Sinclair Bernadino, PI   Linnea Sinclair, PI, operated the highly successful, full service PI firm, "Island Investigations."  Her clients included prosperous individuals, attorneys, and business executives. She holds degrees in Criminology and Journalism from the University of Indiana. Her considerable experience includes lengthy stints as newspaper investigative reporter and television correspondent.  Linnea Sinclair's ability to gather the facts and concisely advise her clients propelled her to the top ranks of her profession. Read More>

Bob Brown, PI   Bob Brown, PI, Former Director of "Brown Associates," is a retired sheriff's department detective with more than three decades of law enforcement and investigative experience to his credit. He operates both a Professional Investigative firm and "The U-Spy Shop," a retail and mail-order catalog spy tool operation located in Orlando, Florida.  He passes along practical how-to advice and investigative tips especially useful to those involved in floundering relationships. Read More>

Linda Bowman, PI   Linda Bowman, PI, Director of "Brown Associates," has been a PI for more than twenty years. She began her investigative career quite unexpectedly by accomplishing surveillance of her husband whom she suspected of cheating. She is a graduate of the Ohio Peace Officer Standards. Linda Bowman gained further experience as a Security Supervisor and Staff Investigator for Walt Disney World before becoming a Licensed Professional Investigator.

Peter Crummey, PI,   Peter Crummey, PI, of "Crummey Investigations, Inc," is a former highly decorated US Army Special Forces Major who served two consecutive combat tours in Vietnam. Today, his clients include law firms, insurance companies, and regular folk.  Peter Crummey is an award-winning photojournalist and a highly accomplished public speaker. Corporate and professional groups often call upon him to relate his unique experiences and investigative techniques.
His interview for Secrets of Top PI's - as well as interviews with his wife, PI Beverly Crummey, and his associate, PI Shannon Clanton are replete with freely-given trade secrets and proven advice. Read More>

Roger Gibson, PI,   Roger Gibson, PI, of a former US Marshal and US Justice Department Supervisor, operated the prestigious Miami-based firm  "Roger P. Gibson, Inc," which continues to provide investigative services not generally offered by conventional PI firms, such as underwater recovery, criminal defense, civil litigation, insurance and arson claims.  The Gibson firm has also been remarkably successful at locating very hard-to-find missing persons.
Roger Gibson enjoyed international renown as an expert in air piracy and terrorism cases.  He and his associates are known throughout the investigative industry as the "Superstars of Asset Locating."  Read More>

Darrell Goodman, PI   Darrell Goodwin, PI, established "International Research Bureau" in 1987. IRB, a database company serving the information needs of both PI's and private citizens, has grown to national prominence.  IRB conducts telephone number searches, driver, motor vehicle, and criminal records searches, accesses UCC filings, and provides business reports.  IRB is online, and tied-in with a network of giant database systems around the world.  Mr. Goodwin provides candid answers about the increasingly important role Information Providers play in the investigative process.

Mike Askew, PI   Mike Askew, PI of "Mike Askew Investigations," is a former Scotland Yard Detective who emigrated to the United States to study our legal system, become a successful PI, and decided to stay.  He is regularly commissioned by attorneys to investigate personal injury, death, and product liability cases.  He possesses extensive knowledge and a well-rounded understanding of the intricacies of the legal system, and imparts practical advice concerning investigative techniques in all fields of investigative endeavor.

Sandy Musser   Sandy Musser, former Director of "The Musser Foundation," is the author of the book I Would Have Searched Forever, about her search for the daughter she gave up for adoption in 1954.  The Musser Foundation was responsible for reuniting thousands of birth parents, children, brothers, sisters, and grandparents.  Sandy Musser shares her learned insight into the specialized business of tracing separated people and provides a wealth of advice to those who are still searching. Read More>

Norma Tillman, PI   Norma Tillman, PI, of "UFO, Inc," gained celebrity for her admirable success in locating and reuniting people separated by adoption and divorce. She appeared on many national television shows and was a regularly featured speaker at Professional Investigator association conventions. She is well known for her pro bono investigative contributions, specifically reuniting many long-separated sets of twins. She is the author of "Secrets For Successful Searching" and "The Adoption Searcher's Handbook." Read More>

The producers sincerely appreciate the wealth of knowledge and colorful experiences these Professional Investigators and Search Experts have shared with us.  Their extensive know-how, practical information, and sound advice shine through on every page!

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