Master Private Detectives share with you in elaborate detail  step-by-step procedures in this complete private investigator training course and show you exactly . . . "How to Become a Private Investigator and How to Conduct Any Investigation!"
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Security Management Magazine 
Security Management Magazine

"This well-researched and thought-out  Private Investigator Training Course helps  Investigators move easily toward their goals. Beyond setting out the nuts and bolts of private investigation, the Course is loaded with insider tips, strategies, and resources." ~ Security Management Magazine    Read the complete Review

National Association of Investigative Specialists

"'Secrets of Top Private Eyes,' is truly one of the top investigative training programs to be  developed to date." - Ralph Thomas, President, National Association of Investigative Specialists
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Private Investigator

"I wish I had found your Private Investigator Training Course prior to all the leg work I had to do to get the ball rolling on a career as an investigator."

Sue Moore,
Private Investigator
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Secrets of Top Private ~ Endorsements

Dear Mr. Hoover,

Thank you. I received the videos and course w/certificate.
This is excellent, everything in your ad and more. Continued success!
John Jacobs

Subject: Secrets of Top Private Eyes - Private Investigator Training Course
From: Phillip Torrence, NBT Systems

I just finished reading and studying your investigator's course and being and investigator for over 20 years, the course was a big eye opener and a lot of information obtained that I did  not know of. For every new investigator this course is a must ! ! !

Phillip Torrence
NBT Systems

Subject: Secrets of Top Private Eyes - Private Investigator Training Course
From: Clarion Investigative Services

I very much appreciate your course, and have recommended it to one of my students already. You could well be setting a standard that will become the measure of PI education in the next decade. Incidentally, being as you are educating PIs and PI aspirants online, perhaps you could be interested in using your website and program to offer actual field experience to aspirants (and perhaps start-up PIs) through someone like me? Being on the faculty of two universities, and therefore having valuable educational experience and credentials, there could well be a market for many wanting to get into the PI field, and who would want to actually work with a PI (doing appropriate levels of research, field work, case preparation, expert witness location, etc.) and actually pay for the experience. I have some fresh ideas that I am preparing now about how that will work. Perhaps you would like to chat about it.

Sincerely, Clarence
Dr. Clarence Phillip Trausch, Ed.D
Subject: Secrets of Top Private Eyes
From: Debbie B.

Dear Mr. Hoover,

My admiration of your skills continues. The links you provided are simply miraculous. I am reading a section of your book each day and printing it out as I read. Then a hole-punch and a vinyl binder gives me the "book" form that I need to carry around with me. I printed your links, too, as sort of a supplement. It's the greatest, and the notebook gives me an opportunity to review when I have a free moment.

The DVDs arrived yesterday, but I have not had an opportunity to watch them yet. If they are half as good as the printed material, you have a winner. Again, thanks so much for the course. I'll keep you posted on the results I find with the links.

Debbie Brown.

Subject: Message Type: Praise
From: Sue Moore

 I wish I had found this site prior to all the leg work I had to do to get the ball rolling on a career as a PI.

Still so, I find your site very helpful and put together well.


Subject: Investigation
From: Angela Adams

Dear Mr. Hoover,

Just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the work you did for me. I have been reading your web site and am very interested in learning more about investigative work. Can you explain how you go about finding information or is this some kind of trade secret? Can you tell me more about the investigative course that your web site mentions?

Angela Adams

Subject: A kind word . . .
Message Type: Praise
From: Jim Walker

A great course, not just for the beginner but also for the professional.

J. W.

Subject: Thanks
From: Bill Miller

Ms. Adkins:

Thanks for the speedy password. I have had a little time to check out the book and found it very helpful.

Thanks again,

Subject: Praise
From: Michael Gravitas

I would just like to tell you how much I am enjoying you private investigation course. I am looking to become a private investigator and found your course most helpful

Subject: Thank you
From: Julia Jefferies

I am just starting to investigate the possibilities of becoming a PI. Your course is terrific. Thank you for the information.

 Thanks Again,
Subject: Praise
From: Sarah Miller

Great private investigator's course. I've been looking for information like this for awhile now.


Subject: your course
From: Mike Brier.

Liked your private investigators course. keep up the good work.

Mike Brier

Subject: Praise
From: Steven Wiseman

I appreciate the care you have taken with your private investigation course. It is by far the most informative and well organized resource I have come across in my search.


Subject: Praise
From: J.A.L. Jr.

 Very Informative. Excellent. I have been in over 30 web sites, your member's only site is by far the best !!


Subject: Praise
From: J. Edgar Lacher, Vice President, Baker Street
Detectives, LTD,

Excellent pi course and member's only web site. Well planned

Subject: Praise
From: Susan Dennis

I really learned a lot about searching for my real dad. THANK YOU for the wealth of information you supplied. I was able to locate him.

Thank you so much,

Subject: Praise
From: Carlton Weber, Lt. Col., USAF (ret)  Winter Park, FL

Best and most comprehensive private investigation course I've encountered. The design is exceptional and most worthy of praise. I thought the copy was straightforward and clearly stated. Whoever authored the copy is right on the money. This is an honest impression and I'm not blowing smoke. Excellent by any standard. You may quote me and use my name.


Secrets of Top Private Eyes ~ Twelve of the nation's top investigative experts expound about the investigative industry as a whole, explain networking and how to go about connecting with the best viable information sources. These interesting and successful Private Eyes enjoy telling about the plying of their craft and their day to day activities. Here is living proof this unique and lucrative industry is wide-open and offers many, many opportunities.

 If you are serious about becoming a Private Investigator, or want to know more about the investigative industry as a whole, take the first step toward actualizing your ambitions: purchase and study Secrets of Top Private Eyes, the complete course (see below). You owe it to yourself to investigate each and every aspect of any trade, craft, or business you have an interest in - before making a career commitment.

Secrets of Top Private Eyes - The Private Investigator Training Course, the how-to teaching manual and videotape set, have been in extensive use nationwide since 1993 as a training course for new investigators. The course has been continually revised and updated until the present. None have been returned.
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