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Linnea Sinclair Bernadino, PI   LINNEA SINCLAIR, PI, operated the highly successful, full service PI firm, "Island Investigations."  Her clients included prosperous individuals, attorneys, and business executives. She holds degrees in Criminology and Journalism from the University of Indiana. 

Her considerable experience includes lengthy stints as newspaper investigative reporter and television correspondent.  Linnea Sinclair's ability to gather the facts and concisely advise her clients propelled her to the top ranks of her profession.

Linnea Sinclair is an award winning writer of Science Fiction Romance, Fantasy Romance and Paranormal Romance. Sinclair's "Gabriel's Ghost" was the winner of the 2006 RITA Award in the Best Paranormal Romance category.  She has used the pseudonym Megan Sybil Baker.  She resides in Naples, Florida (winters) and Columbus, Ohio (summers) with her husband Robert Bernadino and their two cats.

Linnea Sinclair was born in New Jersey, USA. She studied journalism and criminology at Indiana University Bloomington (1972–1975) and Florida State University.

Sinclair is a former investigative news reporter and private investigator in the Central Florida area who has written for many private investigative journals. She owned Island Investigations.

She has stated she has been writing ever since she could wrap her fingers around a Crayon. Her first professional sale was the Fantasy romance "Wintertide" in 1999 to LTDBooks. Since 2004 she has been published by Bantam Books. Her agent is Kristin Nelson from Nelson Literary Agency. She is a frequent guest speaker at conferences and workshops for writers.

Linnea Sinclair
Born: 1954: New Jersey
Pen name: Megan Sybil Baker
Occupation: writer
Education: journalism, criminology
Alma mater: Indiana University Bloomington, Florida State University
Notable work(s): Gabriel's Ghost and sequel
Genres: Science Fiction Romance, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy Romance
Notable award: P.E.A.R.L. Award (2007) RITA Award (2006) EPPIE Award (2003) Sapphire Award (2001)

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