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Norma Tillman, PI   Norma Tillman, PI, of "UFO, Inc," gained celebrity for her admirable success in locating and reuniting people separated by adoption and divorce. She appeared on many national television shows and was a regularly featured speaker at Professional Investigator association conventions. 

She is well known for her pro bono investigative contributions, specifically reuniting many long-separated sets of twins. She is the author of "Secrets For Successful Searching" and "The Adoption Searcher's Handbook."

Nashville, TN based private investigator Norma Tillman is also a professional speaker and author.  She specializes in finding and reuniting families and friends, and locating missing heirs. Her background includes working 11 years with law enforcement, 2 years of insurance fraud investigations, and over 20 years of private investigations.  Tillman says, "Finding a missing person such as a family member, old friend, or missing heir is challenging, rewarding, and fulfilling."

With a proven track record for finding over 1,000 missing persons, Norma has appeared on numerous television shows (including Oprah, The View, Nancy Grace, and many others). She has spoken at numerous professional conferences, colleges, and associations, and has authored several books. Her reunions on television shows are ratings grabbers.

She is the author of:
  • "Private Investigation 101"  - How to become a private investigator.
  • "The Adoption Searcher's Handbook" - How to conduct an adoption search, the most difficult search of all. This is the 2010 revision of a book written by Norma over ten years ago.
  • "The Man with the Turquoise Eyes" - True stories based on real cases worked by Norma
  • "How To Find Almost Anyone, Anywhere" - This book is now out of print but still available thru Norma's online bookstore.
Norma Tillman Enterprises
P.O. Box 291285
Nashville, TN  37229

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